Tips To Throw a Rocking Dance Party


Dance parties are the best way to celebrate. You can hold a dance party for almost all occasions such as graduation, Christmas, New year or even for a birthday. Heart thumping music, fantastic food and drinks topped with a couple of groovy moves can set the party on fire! To make your party a hit, take a look at the essential elements that you need to plan ahead for throwing a cool dance party…

Ask your guests for a date – to make sure that the party id houseful, ask your friends to suggest a date. You need to decide on a date that will have the maximum turnout.

Get a place – House parties are affordable and convenient but do you want to do the after party clean up? If you don’t, then you can rent a function room or a club to get a spacious venue for your dance party.

Set a theme – A theme makes the party planning easier and quick. Don’t impose any strict dress codes for the guests. Be creative and use a theme for the décor, playlist and food. If your guests are game for a dress up, then pick a theme that is simple and fun.

Make a music playlist – You can’t throw a dance party without sexy music, can you? Create a playlist of the popular and best tracks that would go with your theme. To make it enjoyable for everyone try to find out your guest preferences also. For a complete entertainment, you will need to take care of the sound system too. The best way to make sure that the entertainment is a knockout, hire entertainment professionals. They will manage the show, and you will be free to shake a leg.

Jazz up the venue with lighting and decorations – The decorations need go with the theme. Most hosts make the mistake of restricting the effects to just a fog machine or a stroboscope. But LED dance floors look very inviting and go with all themes. When there are LED dance floors hire, nothing can go wrong. Depending on the style of the dance party the LED dance floors can be set up, and it will not cost a fortune. Nothing is over the top when it comes to dance parties. Keep the décor stylish and funky.

Send out invites – You don’t have to print and mail invites anymore. Create a group and post the invite on your social media accounts. To avoid gatecrashers include RSVPs in your invite. Start the preparations at least 2 weeks before the big day.

Keep the refreshments ready – Dancing can drain out all the energy. Keep your guests nourished and hydrated with delicious but mess-free food and drinks. Finger foods such as mini-pizzas, chips, fries, sausages are popular food options.

These are some of the core areas that you need to plan before you leap into the sizzling dance floor. Once you have got all that sorted out you can go ahead and groove to the music.


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